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From proposal to delivery

[ Customer to Sanmei Works ] Items to prepare when making a request
  • (1) Product diagrams
    Clearly indicate materials, dimension tolerance, surface roughness, etc.
  • (2) Clearly indicate processing sections
  • (3) Clearly indicate application, purpose and shape of mating part, etc.

Send to Sanmei Works

Detailed information allows us to answer your needs and provide a better environment for the processing conditions in form rolling.

Product diagrams

[ Sanmei Works to Customer ] After review by Sanmei
  • (1) Discussions about shape
    → Setting of blank shape

  • (2) Model, die size, estimated number per minute,
    estimated die life are decided after making a prototype

    Model, die size, estimated number per minute

  • (3) De price, test costs

    De price, test costs

To Customer

Sanmei provides suitable proposals based on information we receive.

If the product drawing is a drawing for cutting, often it cannot be used for machining, so we will propose a shape more suitable for rolling conditions.
This method does not have a logical value, knowing the application of the product helps us propose a suitable shape and increase the rate of success.

[ Customer to Sanmei Works ] After reviewing our proposal
  • (1) Approval the shape and request a test

    Approval the shape and request a test

  • (2) Prepare blanks (by customer)

    Prepare blanks (by customer)

Send to Sanmei Works

Please prepare these items before the die is completed.

[ Sanmei Works to Customer ] Order the die and adjust the test machine's schedule.
  • (1) Prepare die (approx. 40 to 60 days)
    Adjust test machine schedule
    Prototype (trial)

    Prepare die, Adjust test machine schedule, Prototype (trial)

  • (2) Present prototype, and submit blank shape again.

    Present prototype, and submit blank shape again

To Customer

If there are any problems with the shape, etc., after the trial, the die will be revised and the shape of the blank will be changed, etc. The test will then be tried again.